Reiki Healing



I am offering Reiki healing sessions - both in person and remotely.

This type of energy work is very well suited as a tool for relaxation and stressmanagement. 

Reiki is a japanese type of energy work that was rediscovered in the late 1800`s, though it seems to have roots that goes back in time even further. The word Reiki can be translated to Rei meaning Universal and Ki meaning lifeforce, Reiki - Universal lifeforce. 

As with all energy work the method is based in the belief that everything in the universe, including us, is made up of a flowing intelligent energy or universal lifeforce. In a session the Reiki practitioner works as a channel for this energy/lifeforce and direct it to assist in clearing stagnant energy and energy blockages in the client that hinders the natural flow in the energetic body.  We as humans have a tendency to disconnect from the needs and aspects of ourselves that we for any reason believe is considered to be "bad" and in doing so we can create this types of stagnation and blockages. This disconnection can happen because of stress, unprocessed trauma, sociatal/family/personal beliefs and values or for numerous other reasons. Through the use of Reiki we can help to integrate aspects of ourselves, increase awareness and process and release the things that do not support us anymore. We can also re-establish a free flow of energy and balance in the body, this will support the bodys own healing ability and allow you to reconnect to yourself in a deeper way than before.

Reconnection to wholeness is truly what your entire being is searching for.

Common experienced benefits of Reiki:

  • Deep relaxation and a feeling of inner peace
  • Lower stress levels and increased resiliance to stress in everyday life
  • Increased wellbeing 
  • Decreased feelings of anxiety and depression
  • Pain relief
  • Better sleep
  • The release of tension in the body
  • A strengthening of the immune system
  • Personal and spiritual development
  • Higher levels of self awareness

Reiki is approved as rehabilitating wellness by Skatteverket. This means that you as an individual can use your wellness grant for reiki treatments. For companys this means that it is deductible in the same way as massage for example.

If you want to find references to scientific studies about Reiki and other healing modalities, visit Please note that the website is in swedish.

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